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These services provide food allergy education and training for a larger number of people in a short amount of time. Workshops are available to groups of parents and caregivers, and organizations such as schools, camps, local businesses, activity leaders, coaches, and religious groups. The content and structure of each workshop/training is tailored to client needs and group size. The goal of these workshops/trainings is to educate and train groups of people who supervise food allergic individuals in order to create a safe AND inclusive environments.


Clients can choose from topics such as:

  • General Food Allergy Education – includes how to quickly and accurately identify and respond to anaphylaxis and best-practices in food allergy management that is specific to client type-i.e.-Home, Early Childhood Centers, Schools, Camps, Sports and Activities, Group Outings, etc.

  • Prevention and Proactive Measures – includes detailed training on proper cleaning/sanitizing methods to avoid cross-contact, best-practices for classroom/lunchroom procedures and policy development, and classroom snack time safety and best practice.

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