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These services increase awareness and work to create change throughout the community. I collaborate with community establishments such as school districts, camps, pediatricians and family physicians, hospitals, local businesses and non-profit agencies, and restaurants to participate in food allergy education, to develop standardized food allergy procedures and policies, and to coordinate events and community networking opportunities within the food allergy community. The goal of these services is to spread the message of safety AND inclusion for ALL food allergic individuals in a community, because, as the African Proverb says, “it takes a village…”!


Clients can choose from Community Outreach Services such as:

  • Food Allergy Anti-Bullying School Assemblies-includes interactive Food Allergy Education and Empowerment skills to help students learn about the seriousness of food allergies, why they are NEVER a joke, how to stop bullying when they see it happening, how to prevent it in the future, and how to help keep their peers with food allergies safe AND included in all aspects of school.

  • Collaboration with School Districts and Community Establishments/Organizations - includes staff training/education sessions, and development and implementation of food allergy procedures and policies using best practices.


  • Food Allergy Best-Practice for Restaurants/Commercial Kitchens - includes staff training/education sessions, kitchen cleaning/sanitizing best practice, kitchen policy development/implementation, allergy menu development, and ingredient book development/review.


  • Participation in and Organization of Community Outreach Events - includes activities such as distributing food allergy awareness resources at community events like festivals, fairs, expos, conventions, and conferences.

  • Connection within the Food Allergy Community – includes promoting and participating in food allergy awareness events, organizing non-food social events within the food allergy community, and participating in online and local food allergy support groups.

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