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Individual/Family Consulting Services are customizable trainings on a variety of topics. These services are designed to teach food allergic individuals and their families how to live with food allergies on a daily basis. The goal of these services is to empower food allergic individuals to live an UNRESTRICTED life, because, let’s face it, even though their food is limited, their lives don’t have to be!


Clients can choose from topics such as:


  • Newly Diagnosed - includes recognizing and responding to anaphylaxis, developing and implementing emergency care plans and emergency procedures, assembling an emergency medical kit, and establishing a routine to communicate this information to others.

  • Label Reading for Top 9 and Non-Top 9 Food Allergens - includes understanding food label laws, how to properly read a manufacturer food label, identifying safe food brands and manufacturing processes, and practicing hands-on label reading.

  • Cooking at Home with Food Allergies - includes kitchen sanitizing/organizing, menu planning and preparation tips for everyday meals and larger gatherings, allergen-friendly recipes, and recipe modifications and substitutions.

  • Dining Out Safely - includes dining out planning and best practices while dining out.

  • Food Allergies and Caregivers - includes the development of an individualized resource packet with important food allergy information caregivers must know when supervising a food allergic individual.

  • Food Allergies and Functions - includes how to safely attend and ENJOY functions such as weddings, holiday gatherings, birthday parties, playdates, sleepovers, etc.


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