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My mission is to provide food allergy counseling, education, and support to keep food allergic individuals Safe and Included in ALL aspects of life.

"Even though your food is limited, your life doesn't have to be."


Family Time


Individual/Family Counseling Services include ongoing therapy, family coaching, and/or short-term consultations for food-allergic individuals and/or parents/caregivers of food-allergic individuals who may be struggling to determine HOW to fully live life while managing all the aspects of food allergies. The goal of food allergy counseling is to learn coping skills to reduce the stress and anxiety often associated with food allergies. In Individual/Family counseling you'll learn practical strategies to navigate and ENJOY life in ANY environment: home, school, extra-curricular activities, peer social situations, dating, college, work, dining out, family events, travel/vacations, and more.


These services are designed to empower the food allergic individual to truly LIVE with food allergies. Whether it’s learning how to manage a brand new food allergy diagnosis or how to navigate activities in a new phase of life, Individual/Family Consulting can help to keep food allergic individuals safe AND included in ALL aspects of their daily life.


These services help families to navigate the 504 process and obtain a 504 for food allergic individuals at their school. The implementation of a 504 can help to keep food allergic students safe AND included on a daily basis through each stage of their education.


These services provide food allergy education and training for a larger number of people in a short amount of time. Workshops/Trainings are designed for groups of parents or caregivers, camps, local businesses, activity leaders, coaches, and organizations such as schools and religious groups. Workshops and Organizational Trainings provide education to those who oversee food allergic individuals to keep them safe AND included while under their supervision.


These services increase awareness and work to create change throughout the community. Education occurs through collaboration with community establishments such as school districts, camps, pediatricians and family physicians, hospitals, local businesses and non-profit agencies, and restaurants. Community Outreach Services can help to spread the message of safety AND inclusion for ALL food allergic individuals living in the community.



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